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Sometimes being a teacher is just great. [05 Nov 2011|02:46am]
Student: Did you curl your hair?
Me: I did!
Student: So...did you have to get up really early to do it?
Me: No, I did it last night actually. Then I slept with it in.
Student: Oh.....you should do it again for Monday.

As a 29 year old, an 8 year old girl's opinion probably shouldn't matter all that much - but I have to admit, it does feel pretty swell.
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[01 Aug 2011|10:40am]
Hey dudes!

Like I always say, I do still come here all the time...I just don't really post.
I do post on my blog however, I encourage whoever still reads this to check out this post!



Leave a comment and you could win a bracelet made by moi! Deadline to enter is Thursday at noon (PST). Do iiiiiit :D
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Can I live here please? [10 Mar 2011|10:33pm]
Manarola, Cinque Terre by Robert Crum
Manarola, Cinque Terre a photo by Robert Crum on Flickr.

Manarola, Cinque Terre

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[19 Jan 2011|10:51pm]
Hey dudes

I still check out LJ regularly and, like a voyeuristic creep, read all your lovely entries without contributing anything of my own.
Incase you're curious what I'm up to, I've started another blog

Check it out if you like. And keep writing! I'll be here reading :)
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[11 Nov 2010|09:46am]

)Patti Smith & Robert Mapplethorpe, photobooth, 1969

Just finished reading Just Kids by Patti Smith. It was wonderful, and I’m hoping this is the book to get me out of my reading funk (I’ve been having trouble finding books I like and can concentrate on).

Learning about Robert Mapplethorpe was great. When I was 16 I got interested in him through a Poppy Z Brite book where a character’s photographs were compared to his in subject matter. He was someone who I’d forgotten about over the last 12(yikes) years and so to think about him again was neat.
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[22 Jun 2010|09:16pm]
I said "Mama, he's crazy and he scares me
But I want him by my side.
Though he's wild and he's bad
and sometimes just plain mad,
I need him to keep me satisfied."

I said "Papa, don't cry cause it's alright,
And I see you in some of his ways.
Though he might not give me the life that you wanted
I'll love him the rest of my days."

Misguided angel hangin' over me.
Heart like a Gabriel, pure and white as ivory.
Soul like a Lucifer, black and cold like a piece of lead.
Misguided angel, love you 'til I'm dead.

I said "Brother, you speak to me of passion,
You said never to settle for nothing less.
Well, it's in the way he walks,
it's in the way he talks,
His smile, his anger and his kisses"

I said "Sister, don't you understand?
He's all I ever wanted in a man.
I'm tired of sittin' around the T.V. every night
Hoping I'm finding a Mr. Right."

Misguided angel hangin' over me
Heart like a Gabriel, pure and white as ivory
Soul like a Lucifer
Black and cold like a piece of lead
Misguided angel, love you 'til I'm dead

He says "Baby, don't listen to what they say,
There comes a time when you have to break away."
He says "Baby there are things we all cling to all our life
It's time to let them go and become my wife."

Misguided angel hangin' over me
Heart like a Gabriel, pure and white as ivory
Soul like a Lucifer
Black and cold like a piece of lead
Misguided angel, love you 'til I'm dead.
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Not only are his novels fantastic, but he twitters* like a genius. [04 Jun 2010|01:01am]

When Donald Duck traded in his wings for arms, did he consider that a step up or a step down?

No matter what I do to my body I never look modern. I look like an Antarctic explorer from the 1940s.

Bad news ...turns out I have GWES (Groudskeeper Willy Eyebrow Syndrome.) I thought I'd escaped it

Why does there have to be such a sharp divide between being sleep and being awake? Can't we invent a reliable middle state? My new goal.

Taking a nighttime pill by accident during the day certainly makes the rest of the day an adventure.

DGOOB "Difficulty getting out of bed." It's a real syndrome my doctor says, an autistic borderline thing:"too many sensory changes at once."

I miss the 20th century but we're not supposed to say it out loud.

*I refuse to use the word "tweet" as a verb, unless I'm referring to an actual bird.
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[11 Mar 2010|11:36pm]

Dave's Birthday from Chloe Lees on Vimeo.

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Deceptacon by Le Tigre [10 Mar 2010|12:52am]
A fantastic song. Obviously.
Also what led me to find this gem of a bar on my birthday.

Many thanks.
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[28 Jan 2010|02:24pm]

I feel I should take some time, make a proper entry about how much Holden and Salinger have meant to me over the last 11 years.
But for now I'll just say thanks for the amazing work, it will be missed.
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[25 Jan 2010|04:23pm]

On New Years there was a blue moon, which is the second full moon in a calendar month. One of my favourite podcasts is The Skeptic's Guide to the Universe, and in listening to it today I learned that there is a blue moon on New Years Eve about once every 19 years.
I got to view this past blue moon poolside, in Cuba with my best friend of 19 years. So the last time a NYE blue moon occurred, it would have been the first year me and Mary were friends.
I just thought that was neat :)
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[20 Jan 2010|02:02pm]

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Possibly the best heart-breaking-soul-destroying-breakup song ever? Just puttin' it out there [28 Nov 2009|11:37pm]
Find myself singing the same songs everyday
Ones that make me feel good, when things behind the smile ain't okay
Around and over, in between the seas
I need to be on top of a mountain where I can see everything cuz this paranoia's gettin' old

Now as I open my eyes and start another day
I'm in a pile of puke, empty bag of excuses
My love for friends and family, you know I need them

And under a sky that's seen it all before
And my feet are so cold
And I can't believe that I have to bang my head against this wall again
But the blows, they have just a little more space in between them
Gonna take a breath, and try, try again
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[04 Oct 2009|09:19pm]
So two days ago I had the first of probably many to come of wretched, soul shattering lousy days. And I was temporarily rescued by a friend who had a ticket to a concert.
It was Dan Mangan, a lovely bit of Canadiana whom I developed a wicked crush on almost right away. This was the first song he sang.

This wasn't the show I was at. This was in the summer...I was at a little theatre in Port Moody (ha! I just realized...fitting)
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[16 Sep 2009|01:04am]

it was
a Tuesday morning, November
i slept at your house the night before
we couldn't wait to get up to go for
a big breakfast in an old fashioned diner
a full meal six coffee refills later
we both have to be at work in an hour
let's call in sick i suggest to her
i'll call your boss and tell her that you're under
the weather, you'll call mine, you'll tell her
that i'm very sick and that
you're my mother
so we walk down the street
looking for a phone booth we
rehearse what we're going to say
so that we can have this day....away
we find a phone booth with room for two
i call your boss and i don't speak the truth
they're pretty mad about you but...they'll get through
you call my work in my mother's voice
they believe you
and it starts to rain outside
in our phone booth we hide
it doesn't let up until 5
squished together we don't mind
we don't mind
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[05 Aug 2009|11:47am]
"The dance floor at a hipster party looks like it should be surrounded by quotation marks."

AHAHAHAHAHA - I love it.

ETA: I will totally admit that some of my annoyance with hipsters comes from jealousy, or that they've decided something that I like is cool. I also don't really understand them, so they make me feel old.
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Excerpt from Sanataland Diaries by David Sedaris [18 Jul 2009|06:43pm]
Not only is this passage true and a thought I'm sure shared by every human, but it made me laugh just as hard (if not harder) as the first time I read it (and I've read this story a lot).

It is sad, because you would like to believe that everyone is unique, and then they disappoint you every time by being exactly the same, asking for the same things, reciting the exact same lines as though they have been handed a script.
All of the adults ask for a Gold Card or a BMW and they rock with laughter, thinking they are the first person brazen enough to request such pleasures.
Santa says "I'll see what I can do."
Couples over the age of 50 all say, "I don't want to sit on your lap, Santa, I'm afraid I might break it!"
How do you break a lap? How did so many people get the idea to say the exact same thing?
I went to a store on the Upper West Side. This store is like a Museum of Natural History where everything is for sale: every taxidermic or skeletal animal that roams the earth is represented in this shop, and because of that, it is popular. I went with my brother last weekend. Near the cash register was a bowl of glass eyes and a sign reading "DO NOT HOLD THESE GLASS EYES UP AGAINST YOUR OWN EYES: THE ROUGH STEM CAN CAUSE INJURY."
I talked to the fellow behind the counter and he said, "It's the same thing every time. First they hold up the eyes, and then they go for the horns. I'm sick of it."
It disturbed me that, until I saw the sign, my first impulse was to hold those eyes up to my own. I thought it might be a laugh riot.
All of us take pride and pleasure in the fact that we are unique, but I'm afraid that when all is said and done the police are right: it all comes down to fingerprints.
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[06 Jul 2009|10:05pm]
So I've hopped on teh bandwagon and am in the midst of one of these detox/cleanse dealies.
For the record, I think they're pretty much baloney, but they're always piqued my curiosity for some reason.
I know so many people who have issues with food, in terms of what they can and can't eat. Gluten, yeast, sugar, toxins, etc etc. So I've known a few people already who've done this sort of thing in an effort to fix their insides. My insides? Just dandy! I can eat pretty much anything I damn well please, and it's all good. Sure I may not be in the best shape, but my body never really has issues with the things I eat.
I was a little anxious when I started this, what if doing this actually screwed me up? But as I said, I'm half way in and honestly I don't really feel any different.
For your information I'm doing the "Wild Rose Detox" (the name just makes me laugh). It's a Canadian invention apparently, and the reason I did this particular one was that it seems to make the most sense, and I can eat the most amount of normal foods ;)
There's a bunch of sciencey stuff about low alkaline, ash producing foods and what not. Basically I can eat as much fish as I want (awesome), brown rice, veggies and some fruits (nothing too sweet), meats and nuts. The main things I can't eat are sugar (ARGH), dairy and flour of any kind, even rice. There are also a wackload of herbal supplements to take, the action of which so far just seems to be to make you poo.

I guess the main reason I did this really, was to just see if I could. I have lousy will power and thought it could use a test.
It was the same reason I gave up chocolate for lent. That was weird; not me doing it, but the reactions I got. Every time I told someone what I was doing it always went like this: "You're Catholic??" "No..." "Then why ar eyou doing it?" "Because I feel like it?". And then the other person would just look confused.
I grew up not religious at all, but I knew about lent and would always jokingly say I woudl give up chocolate, but rarely stuck to it. Is it really that odd to just randomly participate in other religion's things? I dunno...
This year I did it, and felt pretty accomplished :) Next year I figure I'll try giving up sweets altogether, because really, not eating a chocolate bar but making a tray of lemon bars isn't exactly depriving yourself :P

I guess the main way I feel different through this so far is I just feel a bit better about what I'm eating..never thinking "Oh Christ, did I really need to eat that?".
And when I'm through the 12 days, will that tea with milk and sugar and a cupcake ever be fantastic ;)
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[05 Jul 2009|07:05pm]
So sometime last week, because of CBC's wacky summer schedule DNTO was on during the week, and the theme of the show was driving. I'm pretty sure I had heard the show before, or at least some of the stories on it. When it came on, I had just gotten in from picking up my very own copy of "Roadsense for Driver's; BC's Safe Driving Guide".
I just learned that the cost of getting your beginners license here is $25. A hell of a lot cheaper than the $100+ in Ontario, so I figure while I'm here I may as well take advantage. And my being a decade past when I could have gotten my license now is a bit of a push too :P

This past Saturday the theme of DNTO is running - something I've been thinking about lately. I need to whip myself into better shape, but I abhor the notion of getting a gym membership. The only kind of membership I'd want to get is maybe one for a pool, because I love swimming...but I love swimming in lakes and oceans, or friend's/family's pools...not really public ones. I have my bike, which I love but Vancouver drivers are nutbars, and I'm still not !00% comfortable with city riding (though I'm getting there). And Vancouver is damn hilly :P

With the Wii I now have two "active" games, Wii Fit and EA Active, which I both really enjoy, and the EA one does include a lot of running which I don't mind. Running in places other than my livingroom would be nice, and most of all - it's FREE! There's this "Couch to 5K program" I've looked at which seems doable, even for someone who does enjoy a good couch as much as I do.\\

So what this has led me to wonder: Is DNTO telling my future?
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[04 Jul 2009|07:00pm]
So instead of repeating myself yet again about how "Gee I really should write in here more blah blah" I'll just get down to it, shall I?

I mentioned a few days ago on my Facebook that I'm really enjoying the book I'm reading right now.

It's a memoir, and I don't generally go for those unless it's by someone that I'm really interested in already. Though I guess I was interested in Joyce Maynard - when she was 18 she had a year long relationship with JD Salinger, who was 53.
I'm enjoying her writing style, and when she described the beginnings of the correspondence between her and Salinger I was just completely in awe - he was so charming, so quick and funny. So Holden. And the person she comes to find him as...still all those positives, but like Holden, always finding something in life to be sad about. It's just really quite something.
It's making me feel wonderfully nostalgic; filled with all the feelings I had at 16/17 during my obsession with Holden and everything Salinger.

It's been really hard reading it too though. As well as bringing up feelings from my past, it's bringing up memories of my Mum, and Nanny...and really a bit of everyone on that side of my family. Everyone who's dead.
It was my mum who first suggested I read Catcher in the Rye in the summer I was 16, just before grade 12. She had read it when younger, and loved it. She reread it around the time I read it for the first time and loved it just as much, so we could talk about it and be on completely the same page.
I read it during a camping trip to Moosonee, and finished it in a day. My grandpop (my mum's dad) had died the year before and I remember some part of the book reminding me of him and bringing me to tears. I can't remember what part exactly...it may have just been Holden himself. My grandpop had that funny quick sense of humour.

On a camping trip the following summer I was reading (and struggling through a bit) Raise high the roofbeams, carpenter! and Seymour: an introduction. One afternoon while sitting at the picnic table with my mum and dad, just chatting my mum burst into tears. She said I reminded her so much of her brother (Neil, who died when I was 12) and was so sad that he wasn't around because she knew we would get along so well (we always did).

At Home in the World came out in 1999, right around the time I was writing my final English essay on Catcher. There was an interview with Joyce Maynard and some excerpts from the book in Vanity Fair, which my nanny bought so I could quote it in my paper. I don't think either my mum or Nanny read the book..though I can't be sure. I really can't believe that it's taken me this long to finally read it.

And now that I am....it's killing me that my mum or nanny aren't around for me to talk about it with.
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Birds of prey [26 Apr 2009|01:15pm]
Thursday was a lovely sunny day here, so me and Adam decided to take advantage with a walk downtown. We walked straight down Hastings from our area, which led us through some of the most interesting and heart breaking areas of Vancouver. Something I've noticed here is how smooshed in the different economic groups are in this city.
You can be at Hastings and Main or Carrall and be smack dab in the middle of junkie town - a look down any alley way and you're met with zombies, basically. People shuffling around completely out of it, people on hands and knees searching the ground for the miniscule piece of whatever they're sure they dropped.
And then 2 blocks farther and you're in Gastown - tourist haven, obscenely priced condos, fancy cars everywhere.

But I digress!
Thursday we wind up eventually at the Railway Club, a neat bar downtown. It's very narrow and winding, all done in dark wood and maroon velvet with old wood carvings of mermaids and horses around. This dark interior against the cotton candy puffs of cherry blossoms on the trees outside was such an amazing sight. It's on the second floor of a building, and there's a spot to sit right at a window that looks out onto a pretty busy intersection, great for people watching. So that's what I was doing when I notice out of the corner of my eye a grey shape fall heavily to the ground. A pigeon! Dead. It landed in the middle of the lane closest to the sidewalk where some cars are parked. So it didn't have a huge risk of getting run over. Within a couple minutes a crow that was chilling out nearby swoops down and starts pecking. Adam was sure he was probably trying to help, maybe pull him out of the way, but the red strip of meat he tore off after a bit said something different. After a minute he was spooked by a car and flew off, but only to a nearby tree so he could keep watch. Out of nowhere a huge (and they really are huge here) seagull divebombs down and scoops up the entire pigeon in his mouth, pulls a U-turn and flies right by the window I was at, bloody pigeon dangling, and out of sight - but followed by 3 angry crows, and leaving behind another couple crows eating pieces of pigeon that had fallen off.
It was amazing! I felt really lucky to have watched the entire saga play out, and to also be a human and not a pigeon in Vancouver. It's a jungle out there.
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Writer's Block: Comped [07 Mar 2009|09:11pm]
What's the best compliment you've ever received?

"You're like my secret dance partner" - from Jason, when explaining he'd noticed me out dancing, before we were introduced and he dug my moves :)
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Another Vancouverism [28 Jan 2009|09:29pm]
No one knows what I mean when I say 'supply teacher'. Everyone here says substitute.
I looked it up and supply is largely used in the the UK and Ireland, but also sometimes in Canada. I guess just eastern Canada.

Also - interview today with Vancouver school board! :D For the SUPPLY list. Here's hoping!
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Chloe loves David Byrne [02 Dec 2008|11:37pm]
Everyone is trying to get to the bar
The name of the bar
The bar is called Heaven.

The band in heaven
They play my favourite song
Play it one more time
Play it all night long

Oh, heaven
Heaven is a place
A place where nothing
Nothing ever happens

There is a party
Everyone is there
Everyone will leave at exactly the same time
When this party's over
It will start again
Will not be any different
Will be exactly the same

Oh, heaven
Heaven is a place
A place where nothing
Nothing ever happens

When this kiss is over
It will start again
But not be any different
But be exactly the same

It's hard to imagine
That nothing at all
Could be so exciting
Could be this much fun

Oh, heaven
Heaven is a place
A place where nothing
Nothing ever happens

Best rendition of Psycho Killer ever.
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Friday Favourites! [26 Sep 2008|07:49pm]

The fact that Karl Pilkington now has a blog. The Ricky Gervais podcast (of which he is part) is also starting a new season, which is great news but I may almost be more excited about the blog. It's in support of his new book out soon 'Karlology' in which he
talks about things he's learned in the last few years I guess.
The blog is Karl's nonsensical ramblings at his best.
A teaser:

I looked at some of the facts you’ve sent and I read the one about broccoli having an IQ of 2. I had a Mensa test last year where I found I’ve got an IQ of 83 which I thought was alright until today when I was in Sainsburys supermarket in the vegetable aisle faced with a big pile of broccoli. There must have been about 100 chunks of the stuff in total, which meant I was looking at something as a gang, had a better IQ than me. It was no longer just a pile of broccoli, it was more a broccoli university. I got back home and looked on the internet to check if the fact was true, to find that some chunks have since been found to have an IQ of 10. Now either the tests have got easier or they are advancing way to quick. It’s gonna get to a point when you can’t call a vegetable a vegetable.

All of this has made me think, maybe this is why we are advised to eat five pieces of fruit and veg a day. It’s so the stuff doesn’t takeover.

Check it out!

Graceland by Paul Simon

I think it's safe to say this is one of my favourite albums of all time. I was introduced to it first when I was young; up at camp my one uncle would always put it on while cooking (usually delicious chicken wings) and so it has this happy, expectant, homey feeling to it for me. At work in the past couple weeks
a CD player has been put in at the newer, quieter store and Graceland was one of the CDs brought down. I can listen to it on repeat for hours at a time. I love the stuff with Ladysmith black Mambazo, it's just such a happy, dancey beautiful record. Well done Mr Simon! :)

Finding old clothes

Circa 2002 - A sweater, necklace and slip combo that has served me well going on 5 years now. Photo by Miss Monica Bang

When I went home for a visit I did a quick raid of my closet and brought back some (a suitcase) of clothes. It's perked my wardrobe right up! Lately I've been feeling pretty blah about all the clothes I have here, and am too broke right now to really do anything about it. I've tried going the thrifty route, but my damn hipster-filled neighbourhood seems to have quite a dearth in neato used clothes...probably because all the over priced 'vintage' stores snatch them up *shakes fist*
But I digress. It really is amazing how a few months away from a clothing item can give you a totally fresh perspective on it.
I've been thinking about joining that wardrobe remix group on flickr, to try and inspire me to get a handle on the clothes I have and really figure out which ones work and which ones need to be tossed. It seems like more and more often these days I end up leaving the house
and then 15 minutes later absolutely hating what I'm wearing.
Oh, it is a hard life! :P

Dialogue in PD James' books

Lately I've been on a real British reading kick, primarily PD James mysteries set in north eastern England. I adore the way her characters speak! They're all so awfully clever and snippy with police and wonderful. One of my favourite lines (that I have actually used since reading!) was a response to a description of someone, who was said to be rude but not intentionally so.
"One should always be rude intentionally, otherwise it is just insensitivity."
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Vancouverness [10 Sep 2008|07:39pm]
Well I finally noticed a "Vancouver thing" in terms of speech.
The great Canadianism "eh". Out here, people say "hey".
I know, right? IT'S SO WEIRD. It never fails to make me do a sort of double take...but it is a neat little marker for who is actually from out here.
I stil don't know anyone actually from Vancouver. I have a few work friends who are from BC, but not Vancouver specifically.
Yesterday at work I met the newest guy they've hired, who is from Ontario originally and upon learning I was also from Ontario his reponse was
"Do you hate it?"
"What, Ontario?"
"No, here."
"Well, not hate no, but..."
"I hate it."

It's funny! Vancouver/BC has this huge laid back/hippy/easy going reputation. It's not true people! It is indeed beautiful, and there are a lot of people really into nature and the beauty of it all, but they aren't very laid back. Apparently Vancouver has been rated as the least friendly city in Canada. I don't doubt it! Not that people are awful or anything, and not like walking around Hamilton you get lovely warm smiles and all that, but there is something..missing out here. The city doesn't have as warm a feeling as say Toronto, or even Hamilton. It's much newer, so the architecture is shit (in my humble opinion).
There's a lot to love about it, but I definitely don't see myself staying out here for any great length of time. Screw all those "Onterrible" haters, I love me some ON! :D

Another thing about Vancouver, and the area I'm in specifically ("The Drive") is the crazy abundance of stylish, successful mums. They are EVERYWHERE! And they're starting to infuriate me. Not because I don't like kids, or that their massive, expensive strollers are always in my way but because I don't GET them! They're always walking around, with their babies, having coffee and eating at trendy little restaurants and buying hip clothes and gourmet food - all day! When do they work? What do they do? How are they doing this?? I need to know their secret and get me some of that.
Slings are really in vogue for babies here too. You know, these things:

Haha, aww...what a happy baby!
Personally I think they're great and I'll totally use one when it's baby time. I was looking through the style section in the paper the other day though, and there was an ad for a company that makes them in spiffy fabrics. Their slogan was "Helping mums wear their babies!"
I dunno, just seems a little....odd.
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[05 Sep 2008|08:49pm]
Okay, okay. I realize that not 2 weeks into my new idea I miss a Friday. But! I was up at my camp, sans electricity (so lovely) so, there.

Friday Favourites!Collapse )
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Hamilton visit! [28 Aug 2008|02:23am]
Ah, I forgot how therapeutic dancing can be.
Just throwing down your purse (thanks Olga!), shaking your booty and boobs, arms flailing and hair whipping around until it's soaked.
And not caring in the least what anyone thinks.

I don't know how it happened, but somehow I became the most comfortable dancing like a fool in the bar in Hamilton the most filled with pretentious douchebags. That almost really makes the dancing better..the fact that so many people around me are so concerned with their image..and I couldn't care less :)

Up to camp tomorrow! Naked swims, here I come!
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Friday Favourites [22 Aug 2008|12:13pm]
Okay, so I'm really trying here! I need motivation to get back into posting here, and so why not start a weekly thing, so that at the very least I'm posting every Friday? ;)

Taking inspiration from missfox taking inspiration from Gala Darling over at iCiNG - why not make a list of things I like? I'm always finding new photos, songs, recipes, people that I REALLY like for a short time. I'll put my mild obsession to some use!

So, here we go folks. My very first

Friday Favourites :)Collapse )
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What is oozing out of our ground?? [21 Aug 2008|06:33pm]
Metalicasized salts??

I was turned onto this by the Skeptics Guide to the Universe - a great podcast for anyone scientifically inclined. I'm such a science jerk sometimes..I get a real kick out of morons who don't know basic scientific concepts.
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