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Friday Favourites!


The fact that Karl Pilkington now has a blog. The Ricky Gervais podcast (of which he is part) is also starting a new season, which is great news but I may almost be more excited about the blog. It's in support of his new book out soon 'Karlology' in which he
talks about things he's learned in the last few years I guess.
The blog is Karl's nonsensical ramblings at his best.
A teaser:

I looked at some of the facts you’ve sent and I read the one about broccoli having an IQ of 2. I had a Mensa test last year where I found I’ve got an IQ of 83 which I thought was alright until today when I was in Sainsburys supermarket in the vegetable aisle faced with a big pile of broccoli. There must have been about 100 chunks of the stuff in total, which meant I was looking at something as a gang, had a better IQ than me. It was no longer just a pile of broccoli, it was more a broccoli university. I got back home and looked on the internet to check if the fact was true, to find that some chunks have since been found to have an IQ of 10. Now either the tests have got easier or they are advancing way to quick. It’s gonna get to a point when you can’t call a vegetable a vegetable.

All of this has made me think, maybe this is why we are advised to eat five pieces of fruit and veg a day. It’s so the stuff doesn’t takeover.

Check it out!

Graceland by Paul Simon

I think it's safe to say this is one of my favourite albums of all time. I was introduced to it first when I was young; up at camp my one uncle would always put it on while cooking (usually delicious chicken wings) and so it has this happy, expectant, homey feeling to it for me. At work in the past couple weeks
a CD player has been put in at the newer, quieter store and Graceland was one of the CDs brought down. I can listen to it on repeat for hours at a time. I love the stuff with Ladysmith black Mambazo, it's just such a happy, dancey beautiful record. Well done Mr Simon! :)

Finding old clothes

Circa 2002 - A sweater, necklace and slip combo that has served me well going on 5 years now. Photo by Miss Monica Bang

When I went home for a visit I did a quick raid of my closet and brought back some (a suitcase) of clothes. It's perked my wardrobe right up! Lately I've been feeling pretty blah about all the clothes I have here, and am too broke right now to really do anything about it. I've tried going the thrifty route, but my damn hipster-filled neighbourhood seems to have quite a dearth in neato used clothes...probably because all the over priced 'vintage' stores snatch them up *shakes fist*
But I digress. It really is amazing how a few months away from a clothing item can give you a totally fresh perspective on it.
I've been thinking about joining that wardrobe remix group on flickr, to try and inspire me to get a handle on the clothes I have and really figure out which ones work and which ones need to be tossed. It seems like more and more often these days I end up leaving the house
and then 15 minutes later absolutely hating what I'm wearing.
Oh, it is a hard life! :P

Dialogue in PD James' books

Lately I've been on a real British reading kick, primarily PD James mysteries set in north eastern England. I adore the way her characters speak! They're all so awfully clever and snippy with police and wonderful. One of my favourite lines (that I have actually used since reading!) was a response to a description of someone, who was said to be rude but not intentionally so.
"One should always be rude intentionally, otherwise it is just insensitivity."
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