Chloe VonBoobins (punkfrock) wrote,
Chloe VonBoobins

So I've hopped on teh bandwagon and am in the midst of one of these detox/cleanse dealies.
For the record, I think they're pretty much baloney, but they're always piqued my curiosity for some reason.
I know so many people who have issues with food, in terms of what they can and can't eat. Gluten, yeast, sugar, toxins, etc etc. So I've known a few people already who've done this sort of thing in an effort to fix their insides. My insides? Just dandy! I can eat pretty much anything I damn well please, and it's all good. Sure I may not be in the best shape, but my body never really has issues with the things I eat.
I was a little anxious when I started this, what if doing this actually screwed me up? But as I said, I'm half way in and honestly I don't really feel any different.
For your information I'm doing the "Wild Rose Detox" (the name just makes me laugh). It's a Canadian invention apparently, and the reason I did this particular one was that it seems to make the most sense, and I can eat the most amount of normal foods ;)
There's a bunch of sciencey stuff about low alkaline, ash producing foods and what not. Basically I can eat as much fish as I want (awesome), brown rice, veggies and some fruits (nothing too sweet), meats and nuts. The main things I can't eat are sugar (ARGH), dairy and flour of any kind, even rice. There are also a wackload of herbal supplements to take, the action of which so far just seems to be to make you poo.

I guess the main reason I did this really, was to just see if I could. I have lousy will power and thought it could use a test.
It was the same reason I gave up chocolate for lent. That was weird; not me doing it, but the reactions I got. Every time I told someone what I was doing it always went like this: "You're Catholic??" "No..." "Then why ar eyou doing it?" "Because I feel like it?". And then the other person would just look confused.
I grew up not religious at all, but I knew about lent and would always jokingly say I woudl give up chocolate, but rarely stuck to it. Is it really that odd to just randomly participate in other religion's things? I dunno...
This year I did it, and felt pretty accomplished :) Next year I figure I'll try giving up sweets altogether, because really, not eating a chocolate bar but making a tray of lemon bars isn't exactly depriving yourself :P

I guess the main way I feel different through this so far is I just feel a bit better about what I'm eating..never thinking "Oh Christ, did I really need to eat that?".
And when I'm through the 12 days, will that tea with milk and sugar and a cupcake ever be fantastic ;)
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