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Well I finally noticed a "Vancouver thing" in terms of speech.
The great Canadianism "eh". Out here, people say "hey".
I know, right? IT'S SO WEIRD. It never fails to make me do a sort of double take...but it is a neat little marker for who is actually from out here.
I stil don't know anyone actually from Vancouver. I have a few work friends who are from BC, but not Vancouver specifically.
Yesterday at work I met the newest guy they've hired, who is from Ontario originally and upon learning I was also from Ontario his reponse was
"Do you hate it?"
"What, Ontario?"
"No, here."
"Well, not hate no, but..."
"I hate it."

It's funny! Vancouver/BC has this huge laid back/hippy/easy going reputation. It's not true people! It is indeed beautiful, and there are a lot of people really into nature and the beauty of it all, but they aren't very laid back. Apparently Vancouver has been rated as the least friendly city in Canada. I don't doubt it! Not that people are awful or anything, and not like walking around Hamilton you get lovely warm smiles and all that, but there is something..missing out here. The city doesn't have as warm a feeling as say Toronto, or even Hamilton. It's much newer, so the architecture is shit (in my humble opinion).
There's a lot to love about it, but I definitely don't see myself staying out here for any great length of time. Screw all those "Onterrible" haters, I love me some ON! :D

Another thing about Vancouver, and the area I'm in specifically ("The Drive") is the crazy abundance of stylish, successful mums. They are EVERYWHERE! And they're starting to infuriate me. Not because I don't like kids, or that their massive, expensive strollers are always in my way but because I don't GET them! They're always walking around, with their babies, having coffee and eating at trendy little restaurants and buying hip clothes and gourmet food - all day! When do they work? What do they do? How are they doing this?? I need to know their secret and get me some of that.
Slings are really in vogue for babies here too. You know, these things:

Haha, aww...what a happy baby!
Personally I think they're great and I'll totally use one when it's baby time. I was looking through the style section in the paper the other day though, and there was an ad for a company that makes them in spiffy fabrics. Their slogan was "Helping mums wear their babies!"
I dunno, just seems a little....odd.
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