Chloe VonBoobins (punkfrock) wrote,
Chloe VonBoobins

Birds of prey

Thursday was a lovely sunny day here, so me and Adam decided to take advantage with a walk downtown. We walked straight down Hastings from our area, which led us through some of the most interesting and heart breaking areas of Vancouver. Something I've noticed here is how smooshed in the different economic groups are in this city.
You can be at Hastings and Main or Carrall and be smack dab in the middle of junkie town - a look down any alley way and you're met with zombies, basically. People shuffling around completely out of it, people on hands and knees searching the ground for the miniscule piece of whatever they're sure they dropped.
And then 2 blocks farther and you're in Gastown - tourist haven, obscenely priced condos, fancy cars everywhere.

But I digress!
Thursday we wind up eventually at the Railway Club, a neat bar downtown. It's very narrow and winding, all done in dark wood and maroon velvet with old wood carvings of mermaids and horses around. This dark interior against the cotton candy puffs of cherry blossoms on the trees outside was such an amazing sight. It's on the second floor of a building, and there's a spot to sit right at a window that looks out onto a pretty busy intersection, great for people watching. So that's what I was doing when I notice out of the corner of my eye a grey shape fall heavily to the ground. A pigeon! Dead. It landed in the middle of the lane closest to the sidewalk where some cars are parked. So it didn't have a huge risk of getting run over. Within a couple minutes a crow that was chilling out nearby swoops down and starts pecking. Adam was sure he was probably trying to help, maybe pull him out of the way, but the red strip of meat he tore off after a bit said something different. After a minute he was spooked by a car and flew off, but only to a nearby tree so he could keep watch. Out of nowhere a huge (and they really are huge here) seagull divebombs down and scoops up the entire pigeon in his mouth, pulls a U-turn and flies right by the window I was at, bloody pigeon dangling, and out of sight - but followed by 3 angry crows, and leaving behind another couple crows eating pieces of pigeon that had fallen off.
It was amazing! I felt really lucky to have watched the entire saga play out, and to also be a human and not a pigeon in Vancouver. It's a jungle out there.
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