Chloe VonBoobins (punkfrock) wrote,
Chloe VonBoobins

Possibly the best heart-breaking-soul-destroying-breakup song ever? Just puttin' it out there

Find myself singing the same songs everyday
Ones that make me feel good, when things behind the smile ain't okay
Around and over, in between the seas
I need to be on top of a mountain where I can see everything cuz this paranoia's gettin' old

Now as I open my eyes and start another day
I'm in a pile of puke, empty bag of excuses
My love for friends and family, you know I need them

And under a sky that's seen it all before
And my feet are so cold
And I can't believe that I have to bang my head against this wall again
But the blows, they have just a little more space in between them
Gonna take a breath, and try, try again
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