Chloe VonBoobins (punkfrock) wrote,
Chloe VonBoobins

Not only are his novels fantastic, but he twitters* like a genius.


When Donald Duck traded in his wings for arms, did he consider that a step up or a step down?

No matter what I do to my body I never look modern. I look like an Antarctic explorer from the 1940s.

Bad news ...turns out I have GWES (Groudskeeper Willy Eyebrow Syndrome.) I thought I'd escaped it

Why does there have to be such a sharp divide between being sleep and being awake? Can't we invent a reliable middle state? My new goal.

Taking a nighttime pill by accident during the day certainly makes the rest of the day an adventure.

DGOOB "Difficulty getting out of bed." It's a real syndrome my doctor says, an autistic borderline thing:"too many sensory changes at once."

I miss the 20th century but we're not supposed to say it out loud.

*I refuse to use the word "tweet" as a verb, unless I'm referring to an actual bird.
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