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With Love and Squalor

Chloe VonBoobins
26 October 1982
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maple leaf
Canada matters to me. Le Canada, c'est important pour moi.

SeaLab 2021 is Bizarro uh-oh Grizzlebee's Stimulacs TinFins Bebop Cola love.
absinthe, anais nin, androgyny, arrested development, baking, being a girl, betsey johnson, bettie page, billie holiday, bootilicious, burlesque, calvin and hobbes, catcher in the rye, cbc, chanel, charlie parker, cillian murphy, conan o'brien, cooking, corsetry, crime photos, cuban revolution, dancing, danzig, david lynch, david sedaris, dorothy parker, dr seuss, dreadlocks, edward gorey, embroidery, ernesto 'che' guevara, erotica, exploitation films, eyeliner, faeries, faith no more, family guy, fantomas, fashion, femininity, fidel castro, film noir, fishnet, forensics, french quarter, gael garcia bernal, garters, george a romero, george clinton, gin, gore, gregg araki, grime, hallowe'en, hamilton, hedwig, high fashion, hips, holden caulfield, horror, hugo chavez, hum, jack skellington, james duvall, japanese street fashion, jd salinger, jhonen vasquez, john cameron mitchell, john galliano, johnny depp, johnny the homicidal maniac, jonathan rhys meyers, jt leroy, karl pilkington, kill bill, kitsch, lars von trier, leopard print, lost highway, lovage, lunchboxes, m.i.a., mac, makeup, marc jacobs, mardi gras, marilyn manson, marilyn monroe, marlene dietrich, martinis, mayor mcca, medical anomalies, mermaids, mike patton, misfits, mr bungle, new orleans, new york city, nightmare before christmas, nine inch nails, nine stories, ophelia, oscar wilde, parliment funkadelic, petit fours, photography, piercings, pinstripe, pinup, placebo, poppy z. brite, pro-choice, psychobilly, psychology, red lipstick, religious paraphenalia, requiem for a dream, restaurants, ricky gervais, rocky horror picture show, salvidor dali, sarcasm, sealab 2021, sex, sexual innuendos, shannon hoon, shopping, snood, socialism, stephen merchant, superstitions, sylvia plath, tattoos, tea, the cure, the libertines, the maxx, the moon, the office, the simpsons, tim burton, tool, true romance, twiggy, vice, vintage clothes, vintage lingerie, zombies,